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1:1 EFT Coaching

“Our negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system.”
— Gary Craig

Emotional Freedom Technique is a psychophysiological technique that borrows from techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), exposure therapy and body-based stress reduction techniques.

EFT Tapping involves Tapping on acupoints across the meridian system (meridian points) (hence the name) which sends activating or deactivating signals to the brain areas that are aroused by specific phrases used during an EFT session.

The latest research into EFT Tapping shows that the meridian system is a physical network within the body, called the Primo Vascular System.

The amygdala and hippocampus can directly respond when tapping on acupoints – meaning that EFT can achieve similar results as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), but in HALF the time.

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1:1 EFT Sessions

Each session will be tailored to your specific requirements, but below are some examples of topics we can address.

And most importantly, rewriting old, unhelpful subconscious programming that is
preventing you from achieving your goals

Your initial session will be 90 minutes so we can get to know each other, and all sessions thereafter will be 60 minutes. All sessions will be via video call from the comfort of your own home (or any other sacred space!)

EFT has been renowned for its ability to produce quick results, often referred to as “one minute wonders”. In some cases, a single tapping session can alleviate deep-seated fears, emotional distress, or physical discomfort. However, for most people, a series of sessions are required to gradually uncover the underlying problem and achieve emotional freedom. It’s important to note that each person’s therapeutic journey is unique, and they will know when they have fully resolved their issue. Progress towards this goal is typically experienced after each session, but full transformations will take a little longer.

EFT Transformation Program

If you are ready to deep dive into re-programming your subconscious and want a more structured and supported approach, my EFT Transformation Program is for you.

This program is designed to transform your overall well-being, self-love, and mindset within 6 weeks.

It features:

  • 3 individual sessions (1.5hrs each)
  • Exploration of significant life blocks that may hinder your progress
  • 2 ‘well-being check-ins’ via phone (20 mins each)
  • Instructional tapping videos for you to use outside of our sessions
  • Practices to incorporate into your daily routine
  • Regular communication via WhatsApp with me to ensure full support throughout the program.

Ready to make things happen?

Why work with me?

Having spent 10 years in corporate HR alongside pursuing my passion for all things wellness and self-development, I have become an expert in rewiring the subconscious.

No two women are the same, nor should they be, so my sessions are tailored to each client’s needs, starting where they are at ending where they want to be.

I am:

  • An accredited Professional Member of the EFT International
  • Committed to Continued Professional Development and adhere to the EFT International professional code of conduct and ethics
  • Insured by Balens.

kind words

“A big thanks to Alice for helping me resolve a stuck issue and I can definitely recommend her as an EFT practitioner. I felt very much heard in the sessions and she was able to get to the root of things and uncover long-held beliefs and conditioning I wasn’t even aware I was holding onto.  Once we got to the core of the issue, it felt really freeing to realize how much past events were resonating in the present and affecting my beliefs and choices. Working with Alice helped to bring that to my consciousness to be processed and cleared. Interestingly, my body also feels freer and more mobile since working with Alice. Thank you!”
— Midi, Scotland